• Chambers School



  • Strategies to make homework go more smoothly:

    *Establish clear routines around homework

              -Find a location in the house to do homework that works best for your child

              -Set up a homework center with all needed materials there

              -Establish a homework time before your child is too tired

    -Establish a daily homework schedule even if your child’s homework is weekly

    *Build in breaks if your child needs it establishing when breaks will occur and what will be done during a break (i.e. get a snack, play with the family pet, etc.).

    *Build in choice such as the order in which assignments will be done

    *Develop positive incentive systems if your child resists homework

    *Reach out to your child’s teacher if issues with homework arise


    Homework Resources:

    The Camarillo Library has a homework center.


    Tutoring is available at Tutorific and Kumon as well as other locations in Ventura County.



    Many after school programs offer homework help as well.  Please reach out the school counselor or your child’s teacher for more referrals for homework support.

  • Tips to support back to school transitions:

    *Visit the school and classroom with your child

    *Re-establish the bedtime and mealtime routines at least one week before school starts

    *Reduce screen time in the early morning to help ease back into school morning routines

    *Buy any needed materials ahead of time to reduce anxiety around first day preparation

    *Mark your calendar early with important school events

    *Review with your child what is expected at school and home

  • Steps to consider when behavior problems arise at school:

    *Discuss the problem with your child- ask what happened and his or her ideas for how to solve it

    *Discuss the problem with the teacher-share what you do that works with your child, ask what is happening with your child that is cause for concern, ask the teacher for suggestions on how to solve it

    *Try out useful suggestions that you think will work for your child

    *If the problem persists, plan a home-school positive incentive program with the teacher

    *Explain the program to your child including the rewards and consequences

    *Discuss the expected behavior and your child’s choices and progress each day

    *Praise and reward your child when the expected behavior is occurring

    *Reward your child when the reward is earned and apply a consequence if it is not earned

    *Review the progress of the plan with the teacher

    *Phase the plan out gradually when the behavior has improved consistently

    For additional help, you can contact the school administrator or fill out a request for counseling form in the school office. 

  • Behavior or Social Emotional Support Resources at School:

    School Counselor-Erica Chambers  

    Directors-Darlene Hale, Veronica Solorzano

    Executive Director-Charmon Evans

    Phone numbers to call for emergency needs or immediate support:

    24 Hour Crisis Team-Suicide and Safety Concerns Crisis Line  866-998-2243

    Police, Ambulance or Fire Department Support  911

    Resources Information Line:

    All Ventura County Resources can be accessed by calling 211.

    Websites for additional supports outside of school:

    After school care:

    *Boys and Girls Club  www.bgcam.org

    *YMCA  https://www.ciymca.org/camarillo/activities/ymca-child-care/

    Family or Individual Counseling Supports:

    *California Lutheran University Community Counseling Center  www.clucounseling.org

    *City Impact   www.cityimpact.com

    *Clinicas del Camino Real   www.clinicas.org

    *Roundtable Counseling Center  www.rtcounseling.com

    *Interface Children and Family Services  www.icfs.org

    *Mission Oaks Counseling Wellness Center  http://www.mocwc.com/

    Grief and Loss Support:

    *Camarillo Hospice  www.camarillohospice.org

    Health Care and Benefits:

    *County of Ventura Human Services Agency  www.vchsa.org

    *Clinicas del Camino Real  www.clinicas.org

    Parenting Classes/Support:

    *Triple P- Interface Children and Family Services  www.icfs.org

    *Parenting for a Change-Ventura Sheriff’s Office  email Mike.baker@ventura.org