Challenging Behaviors

Challenging Behaviors

  • Steps to consider when behavior problems arise at school:

    *Discuss the problem with your child- ask what happened and his or her ideas for how to solve it

    *Discuss the problem with the teacher-share what you do that works with your child, ask what is happening with your child that is cause for concern, ask the teacher for suggestions on how to solve it

    *Try out useful suggestions that you think will work for your child

    *If the problem persists, plan a home-school positive incentive program with the teacher

    *Explain the program to your child including the rewards and consequences

    *Discuss the expected behavior and your child’s choices and progress each day

    *Praise and reward your child when the expected behavior is occurring

    *Reward your child when the reward is earned and apply a consequence if it is not earned

    *Review the progress of the plan with the teacher

    *Phase the plan out gradually when the behavior has improved consistently