•          University Preparation Charter School

             Our Beliefs About Math Instruction


    We believe:

    • all students can learn math to the highest level.
    • teachers don’t have to pre-teach math.
    • math conversations are important.
    • teachers should facilitate discussions by asking open-ended, non-leading questions.
    • students should be able to support their answers.
    • tasks should be low floor/high ceiling as much as possible
    • labs, cycles, and teacher collaboration are important to teacher development.
    • errors are valuable.
    • assessments are a learning experience.
    • student engagement is increased through the use of student choice, relevance, real-world application, and exploration.
    • early intervention is critical
    • scaffolding should be provided “just in time” not “just in case.”
    • teacher practice is always growing and is guided by collaboration, growth mindset, and evidence-based practices.
    • any homework assigned by grade level teams should be aligned with our beliefs about mathematics.