• 2019-2020 Book Projects


    This school year you will be responsible for completing four book projects.  Listed below are the assigned projects and due dates.  Remember that you must get your book approved by the teacher before you begin your project.  

    Book Project


    Due Date

    Book in a Bag



    Paper bag with 5 items that describe your book.  Summary on back with a hand drawn picture on the front. 

    Friday,October 4th



    Dress as the character, create a display board with pictures and info. 

    Present your life as a 60-90 second speech December 13th in the MPR. 


    See Below

    Wax Museum in December








    Book Trailer

    Book Trailer (imovie or equivalent) or Commercial



    Living Wax Museum Project


    You will be participating in a living wax museum!


    Step 1:

    You will read about the figure that you have chosen. Use the attached form to help you get the facts you need to complete the assignment.


    Step 2:

    You will create a display board with illustrations and details to identity facts about your historical figure. 


    Step 3:

    You will write a 60-90 second summary (oral presentation) introducing important facts about your figure to the museum visitors. This summary will be written on note cards for reference on the day of the living wax museum. You must have your summary/speech memorized The note cards are only a tool in case you become a bit nervous during the wax museum. You should not have to rely on the note cards throughout the presentation.


    Step 4:

    From research, you will put together a simple costume that represents the person you are portraying.  You may also use props to help you depict the figure. The costume will be worn during the presentation.


    Step 5:

    On the Living Wax Museum Day, you will set up a station complete with posters, props, etc.  You will have your presentation notes handy. You will also have a “button” that guests will press in order to have you start saying your oral presentation (we will be making the ‘buttons’ in class).


    Step 6:

    Invited students, parents, and faculty will visit the museum.  When the guests pass the historical figure and push the button, you will recite your “speech”.  You should remain “in character” at all times during the Living Wax Museum.


    This is what you will be graded on:


    1. Display Board (50 points)
    2. Character’s Name & Picture/Portrait (10 points)
    • Character’s name - 2”-3” in height, centered at top of poster
    • Portrait of individual centered below the title
    • Tri-fold board


    1. Vital Statistics-choose at least four from the following:  (15 points)
    • Date and location of birth and death - mandatory
    • Family (spouse, children, etc.)
    • Childhood
    • Education
    • Hobbies/Passions
    • Other important information


    1. Major Accomplishments (15 points)
    • List and describe this person’s major accomplishments
    • What was this person’s significant contribution to society?


    1. Board Presentation (10 points)
    • Make display board pleasing to the reader- add an attractive border design and/or other pictures
    • Put your name in the lower right hand corner
    • Be creative and neat…i.e. measure, write in straight lines, appropriate use of color, eye-catching
    • Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation


    1. Presentation (50 points)
    2. Costume, Props, Character Portrayal (25 points)
    • What do I plan to wear? What props do I need? What poses would be appropriate for my character?


    1. Oral Presentation (25 points)
    • Make sure you have your oral presentation memorized
    • Make sure your oral presentation is between 60-90 seconds long
    • Make sure you include all of the information required
    • Speak loudly and clearly (practice this part!)


    Use the attached form to help you research your famous person.  Once you have collected allot your facts, put it into a speech presentation format.  Write it as if you are this person, using ‘I ‘in place of ‘she’ or ‘he’.  When you practice saying the speech, make sure you speak in the first person point of view.


    Your oral presentation should include at least:


    1. Three facts about their childhood/early years
    2. Three facts about their adult life/later years
    3. What they are famous or well known for




    DATE OF PRESENTATION: December 13, 2019


    Book Project Menu:


    Book jacket-remake the book jacket using your own design with book recommendations on the back


    Poster- this will include a picture from the book, the title, author, character, setting, and summary of the book


    Trifold- book cover with title and author, setting, character, summary and a game about the book


    Cereal Box- Front-book cover, Sides- setting, character, summary Back- game about book


    Movie theater- build a theater and draw at least four scenes and write the script for each scene


    Commercial (video)- convince the class that they should read the book by talking about it and making a short commercial about your book


    Google Slide Presentation- Complete an in-depth analysis of one or more of the characters from a book


    Pop-up book- make a pop-up book with 4 pages with scenes and summaries of your book


    You will be doing each project at home but if you need help please feel free to ask me so that I can clarify any questions you may have. I also have samples of many of the projects so that you can see what they should look like.

    Mr. McCurdy