• Flying Fish
    Name: Christina Hemperly
    Grade Level: Primary Years
    Availability: By appointment before or after school


    Welcome to our school family, where our children are now in 3rd grade! Please attend the Back to School Picnic Monday from 5:30-6:45 so that we can say hello and catch up before school begins. The first day of school is a half day (exit at 11:45) Wednesday, August 16. On Back to School Night (August 24), we can discuss what materials we might need for our classroom, how you can help, etcetera. All of our students from last year are returning, and we will welcome one new student as well. Additionally, we have a wonderful new graduate student joining us, Katy Devorick, who has a background in art. It's going to be a wonderful year!
    Best wishes,
    Christina Hemperly, MA Ed