Name: Hannah Davidson 
    Grade Level: 
    7th Grade  Math /Science
    6th Advancement 
    Email: hdavidson@pvsd.k12.ca.us

    Welcome back to UPCS!
    My name is Ms. Davidson, and this year I will be teaching seventh grade math/science and sixth grade advancement. I am so excited that you will be in my class this year! 


    About Me

    I just moved to Ventura at the start of the school year and am loving it so far. I lived in Santa Barbara for 9 years, and last year I was teaching sixth grade in Lompoc near Vandenberg Air Force Base. I received my Bachelor's in Education from Westmont College and my teaching credential and Master's of Education from UCSB. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I absolutely love to cook and drink coffee. My favorite coffee shop so far is Prospect Coffee in Ventura, and am loving exploring more of this new town!



    Communication is essential and I will attempt to send e-mails through Parent Connect. Students have an agenda where they should copy the daily schedule, classwork, and homework assignments in.   I will also attempt to work on my web page more frequently for updates. Please feel free to contact me via email for questions, comments, or concerns. I welcome your thoughts and am looking forward to working together to make your seventh or sixth grade a successful year!

    Classroom Behavior Plan

    I expect a safe and cooperative working environment where every student is able to participate without feeling bullied, nervous, or insecure. I do not tolerate rude behavior, inappropriate language, or purposeful classroom disruptions. I understand that sometimes we all make mistakes, so I have created a behavior plan to help students correct their behavior choices.  There are four steps in my behavior plan. The first is a warning to correct the behavior. If it continues, the student will need to fill out a behavior think sheet (a reflection on their behavior) and possibly a seat change. From there if the behavior still persists, I will contact home. 


    A few expectations:

    ·        Follow the directions the first time

    ·        Raise hand to speak

    ·        Be in your seat and ready for class when the bell rings

    ·        Have proper materials and homework each day

    ·        Respect others and be kind with your words and actions

    ·        Always give your best effort and be ‘on task’

    ·        Use indoor voice



    Your teacher,

    Ms. Davidson