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    Welcome UPCS Orcas!

    With lively laughs and gallant giggles, our classroom is full of imagination.  I dig and discover right along with everyone, and I jump on the unexpected moments when curiosity meets comprehension.  Being a teacher blesses my life with opportunities to question dynamically, to work collaboratively, and to learn constantly!

    I previously taught at Montalvo Arts Academy in Ventura as an elementary intervention specialist. Before teaching in public schools, I received a Master of Arts in Creativity and Arts Education and taught at San Francisco State University. Most recently, I was a faculty member with the Performing Arts Department at Ventura College where I love to teach dance!

    Although this year may look different, it will be full of problem solving and deep investigations. Our classroom website will be up soon!

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Mrs. Trevelyn Yahr

    Mrs. Trevelyn Yahr