• Math and Science

    * Two spiral notebooks for Math, each with 70 pages or more. (If you want one spiral with more than 70 pages, this is fine too.)

    * Two 2-pocket folders for handouts  
    * One 3-subject spiral notebook for science.
    * One set of headphones or earbuds. (We now have Chrome Books in the math and science classes!!!)
    * Loose leaf college-ruled lined paper. (8.5" X 11")
    * Loose leaf graph paper. ( 1/4", a small pack would be perfect.)
    General Supplies:
    * Highlighters
    * Index cards (We will use these all year long, multiple packs will be used throughout the year.)
    * Glue Sticks
    * Complete sets of colored pencils
    * 3 Boxes of Kleenex
    * Several Sharpened Pencils (Mechanical pencils are okay, you must provide your own led refills. I do not carry extra lead. )
    * Erasers
    * Sticky notes
    * Thin colored markers.
    If for any reason you are unable to obtain any of these items, please let me or the office know as soon as possible and we will make sure your student has materials. Thank you!
    ** Any of the materials listed above would be greatly appreciated. **
    * Clorox Wipes- Fresh Scent
    * Tissue Boxes
    * Dry erase markers (low odor)
    * Large erasers
    * Plastic Sheet Protectors
    * Silent Reading Books for our book shelf.
    * Reams of Colored Paper
    * White and Colored Card Stock
    * Ziplock bags (many sizes)